I’ve wanted to do hair since I was 5 years old when my mom taught me how to pull her hair through a cap before she slathered it in cheap drugstore Clairol bleach. I was giving my friends a version of the “Rachel” cut in my garage with poultry shears long before it was the top trend. After cosmetology school I spent 4 years building a clientele, attending every hair show and class I could, and studying the beauty industry from all angles. Did you know in the early 1900s a perm was done by spiraling the hair around brass rollers that were connected to electrical wires suspended above the head? The chemical solution used was cow urine and water and the process took 6 hours to complete. No thanks…I’m out.

In 2012 I started writing out my business plan and looking for locations. Two locations I loved told me no because they didn’t want to deal with someone that didn’t have any business experience. Little did they know I helped my parents run 14 businesses from the age 9 up. I shook their hand, said thank you, and back to the drawing board I went. Then, I got a call that my dream location was available. Next up was presenting my business plan to the bank. I got pretty used to the sound of a door slamming in my face. I finally got a yes and signed away my life to the bank…to open a hair salon in a town that has a hair salon, bank, and church on every corner. I then sat in my car and cried tears of joy and tears of fear. I looked down at my 7 month pregnant belly and promised my daughter I wouldn’t fail.

Platinum Salon opened on June 4th of 2013. There I stood, a bundle of pride and nerves, in a 14 station salon by myself with my 5 month old daughter jumping in her jumperoo. One week later I found out I was pregnant. I stayed up day and night for weeks advertising and promoting and 6 months later I had my salon full with 14 amazing stylists. My dream had finally become reality and I loved every second.

Last July, coming back from maternity leave with my 3rd daughter, all but 2 stylists walked out and went to a new salon that had just opened. For months they prepared and set up their new salon suites without ever mentioning a word to me. It was devastating and I saw my dream and hard work crash to the ground. In the blink of an eye…it was gone. I thought long and hard about selling the business and walking away from cosmetology all together. I went to the salon one night around midnight, sat in the floor, and broke down with emotion. I love my salon, I adore the clients, and I love my career. I went back home and kissed all 3 of my sleeping babies, promised them I wouldn’t fail, and hit the ground running with advertising, promotions, and hope. I now have a group of stylists that I love like family and they have helped me bring my dream back to life. They are so talented, kind, positive, and have a love for the beauty industry like I do…and I couldn’t run my business without them.

As I’m nearing the 4 year anniversary mark, I realize how much stronger this journey has made me. It hasn’t been easy as I’ve had other salon owners, stylists, and pyramid cosmetology schools throwing rocks at me along the way. Hurtful rumors have been thrown around carelessly…I’m trashy, my dad funds my business, I’m a horrible business owner, stylist will never amount to anything at my salon, etc. There isn’t a bit of truth to any of those things and it saddens me to hear yet makes me fight harder. My thought is they fear competition…something I will never fear as I feel like competition makes us strive to be better. My other thought is they may just not like me…and that’s ok. My final thought is I wish people wouldn’t judge me or my salon…especially if they’ve never met me or walked through the door. You will never hear me bashing another salon or owner. I feel like we should support each other and that’s what I will always do. This industry is constantly changing at a fast pace and there is enough room for us all to do what we love in a positive manner.

If you haven’t been to Platinum Salon, I encourage you to come in any time and form your own opinion. We would love to meet you, give you a tour of the salon, and show you what we’re about.

485 Providence Main Street, Suite 101  Huntsville, AL 35806