As I lay here beside my daughters holding their hands…my mom is holding her mom’s hand as she makes her final bow on this Earth. 

I think back to my childhood and remember approaching my mom with the deal of a lifetime. I had practiced exactly what I was going to say and knew exactly when to bat my eyes. I asked that after cremation could her ashes be kept in a vase until I died so my ashes could be put with hers and we could be together forever. Makes me tear up thinking just how sweet that is and how much that could melt a mother’s heart. Of course she happily said yes and over the years I would randomly ask just to make sure she didn’t change her mind. 

A mother daughter relationship is so special and dramatic and I always found myself running back to her even when I thought she was the meanest mom ever that never understood me. The day I had my first daughter I saw my mom in a whole new light. I understood her…I felt her love beaming off me…I looked at my child the way she had always looked at me…I knew immediately that I wanted her by my side while raising my children…I still know that I will always be too selfish to let her go. She’s my rock…my comfort…my best friend.

I know that during my final moment on this Earth, my one and only wish will be for my 3 girls to be by my side holding my hand. How lucky my grandmother must feel knowing her daughter is there with her for a peaceful goodbye. 

Mom, when you read this, I hope you can feel my warmth and hugs from 5 hours away.